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Dr. E

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

“Adolescents need freedom to choose, but not so much freedom that they cannot, in fact, make a choice.”―Erik H. Erikson

Therapy Options

Dr. E offers concierge in-home services, office based appointments, phone therapy and virtual therapy appointments.

Dr. E offers concierge in-home therapy services, phone therapy and virtual therapy appointments in Fort Lauderdale and surrounding areas.

Dr. E's clients tend to be in demanding industries which may or may not require travel. If your therapy treatment plan requires concierge travel, Dr. E will be able to accompany you on location and provide a customized wellness service plan to you; provided traveling and hotel expenses (if necessary) are covered. International therapy options also include phone and virtual therapy.

Control Your Sessions

If you feel more comfortable having your session without video or in person, Dr. E has had a lot of success speaking with her clients over the phone. Whether it is using the audio on your computer or your mobile device, Dr. E can help talk you through any problems you're having. Voice sessions are great for busy bodies on the go or for life-coaching sessions. 

Online therapy has been proven to be one of the most effective and efficient forms of therapy. In fact, more and more clients are preferring to visit their therapist via Skype, WhatsApp video and FaceTime because of the convenience. Not only can you enjoy your therapy session in the comfort of your home but you save a lot of money and time too!

Required: Stable internet connection and a video camera connected to your device or computer. Flyer

Dr. E. offers customized concierge in-home or on location therapy services at your convenience. Your customized wellness service plan will include fees for traveling and hotel accomodations if necessary. 

Concierge visits are considered enhanced treatment plans that offers the luxury of your therapist coming to you. 

Dr. E offers office visits in New Providence. It is currently located at 21 Stapledon Gardens.

Visits are scheduled by appointment only. To schedule a appointment please use our client portal if you are a current client. 

New clients can complete the intake assessment then email or call for further assistance. See our contact page.

Dr. E is an AAMFT Approved Supervisor and Florida Qualified State Supervisor. See Careers


Treatment Areas

Learn more about mental health here.

  • Individual & Couples Counseling 
  • Relationship Issues 
  • Stress Management
  • Coping Skills
  • Self-Esteem
  • Depression
  • Corporate Coaching and Training
  • Career and Employment Issues
  • Family Counseling
  • Premarital Counseling
  • Life and Dating Coach
  • Divorce
  • Anxiety & Fears
  • Identity Issues
  • Adoption Issues
  • Family Conflict


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Individual Therapy

Deciding on when the time is right is only up to you. No one can tell you the right time to seek help. You will know when you are ready.

Couples Looking At each other

Couple's Therapy

Things may not be the same as they were when you first started but that doesn't mean that getting back to that is impossible. Adding an objective view into your relationship or marriage may just be the what can save it.

Connecting with family during therapy

Family Therapy

Family therapy can range from a child who is silent to relatives who are dealing with traumatic events or seeking ways to cope with life. Minors can be seen with the consent of an adult.

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Employee Assistance Programs are offered by major companies. Can be initiated by the HR department.  Contact your HR department to confirm your company's participation. What is EAP? Are you a company that is interested in signing up. Click Here.


Corporate Therapy Packages

Sign up for work related on-site therapy sessions for your employees. Packages can be customized and tailored based on your needs.


Speaking Engagements

Interested in having Dr. E at your event to speak. Download Form

Paying For Your Services

Dr. E offers a range of options for settling your account with RPC Ltd.


Cash Transactions

Payments can be made in cash at the time of your services.


PayPal Transactions

Online payments can be submitted using your local debit or credit card that is attached to your PayPal account. This method of payment requires you also having access to a PayPal account. Pay with Paypal.


Wire Payments

Local and International payments can be remitted via your financial institution. To request an invoice or estimate for your services please click here. For Local Wire Instructions click here.


Online Payments

Online payments soon to be accepted. This options requires a debit or credit card to complete.

Our Motto: Changing Lives | Changing Relationships | Making Life Meaningful